New Site for Registration

The new EastonAYSO site is up and running and registration for the 2017/2018 season is now open.


Navigate to and click the "Register Now" button in the upper right. This will be the site used for registration and team schedules, etc. going forward.

The site is powered by "Blue Sombrero" which is a division of Dick's Sporting Goods. There is a great mobile app and many new improvements we'll be using this season to make communication and scheduling easier.

PLEASE NOTE: if you volunteer to be a team parent or coach (and please do) only select one volunteer position so you only need to enter the required background check information once.

by: Easton AYSO



Easton, CT April 16, 2016.  In a board meeting attended by current AYSO Board members, AYSO regional commissioners from Trumbull and Bridgeport, AYSO Area personnel and interested citizens of Easton a new AYSO Regional Board for Easton, CT was unanimously selected.  The new board consists of the following volunteers from Easton CT:


Regional Commissioner - Robert Klem

Treasurer - Bill Andrews

Coach & Referee Administrator - Pat Keane

Registrar - Christine Calvert

Assistant Registrar - Jon Stinson

Safety Director - Adam Parker

Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate - Jon Stinson

Auditor - Bob Kelly


AYSO was founded in 1964 and is a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer programs for participants all over the United States and internationally in the Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. Consisting of over 50,000 teams and 500,000 players nationwide, AYSO is one of the leading youth soccer organizations in the world. It is often called “the biggest soccer club in the world.” AYSO vision is very simple - To provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.   AYSO mission is - To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on six philosophies:

  • Everyone Plays

  • Balanced Teams

  • Open Registration

  • Positive Coaching

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Player Development


The AYSO program  in Easton is one of the strongest in the area with a proud legacy of community involvement.  With many new dedicated board members, the new board plans to strengthen the AYSO program through better defined coaching strategy, player development and increased participation.  The new AYSO board encourages all interested people to get involved.  All meetings are open to the public and times and dates can be found at

To find out more information about Easton AYSO or to register to play or become a volunteer please go to or contact Robert Klem at (917) 699-8739

by: Easton AYSO